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ABOUT posone


PosOne started in 1998 and is a quality and detail orientated company which have helped more than 3000 clients and also included them in the growth of their business. The result between client and business shows in the PosOne system. The PosOne system is a hardware independent, scalable, modular system, which adapts to any brand’s needs. The administration part is cloud based which means that it can handle setups, prices, stock and export reports from any computer, smartphone and/or tablet.  


PosOne deliver their own Omni Channel sales systems to councils, chains and businesses in many countries in Europe – this includes Iceland, England, Poland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Norway, Ireland, Scotland etc.

All agreements with PosOne includes a workshop where you as a client can bring your questions and concerns regarding the table. Afterwards, PosOne will structure a solution that covers all your needs.





1 – Integrated solutions

PosOne cover any solutions after the client’s needs. PosOne deliver solutions that includes an online sales system with stock management, mobile pay, paying systems and POS-systems. All their systems can be integrated into any of the most used and leading web shop- and economy systems.


2 – Client flexibility

At PosOne we focus on the reality. We find new challenges often and our systems need to be able to adapt to these changes. We are very aware at PosOne and all our systems are able to manage the challenges we get. We have had clients in the past who needed payments through a smartphone etc. and because we have a short delivery time we have been able to come up with a solution in just a couple of days with help from our hardware and cloud systems. This makes us efficient in giving the clients what they want.


3 – Physically and virtuously

Many clients in our retail stores asks for the possibility of online sales and oppositely a lot of costumers who shops online asks for the possibility to see the products they are browsing for in a store. PosOne merges your sales from your online store and your retail store in to the same economy system and a stock system so that you can keep up with your business loss and gain. You can even check up on your business from your smartphone or tablet.  




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