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Brioche Dorée

popular bakery and café chain is expanding with e-conomic 


The popular bakery and café chain, Brioche Dorée, which you can find in “Torvehallerne" among other places, changed their old off-line sales system and billing system in advantage for an integrated online solution to E-conomic and POS ONE. A scalable solution, that makes it very easy for them to open new stores, it can be done by a few clicks.


We started to expand in Denmark, which is why, it is very important with a scalable solution where all the different systems can work together, and because of that it makes it easy to start up new stores almost without any expenses.

Stephane Viano, Storemanager Brioche Dorée.


HUgh savings on logistics


The new integrated online solution has giving Brioche Dorée a wonderful overview. Stephane Viano can now follow the sales figures, inventory status etc. It means, that he can regulate and optimize on purchases. At the same time, he can easily mark the product with prices. The franchises communicates quickly to the main office with orders, financials, key turnovers etc.


Besides saving a lot of time, because of a number of manual working hours that has been eliminated, the integration between E-conomic and POS ONE has giving us significant savings on logistics cost. We can now order every second month instead of several times as earlier.

Stephane Viano, Storemanager Brioche Dorée.






Always updated available data online 24/7.

Scalable solution.

Integration to register solution saves time to the integration.

Permanent low monthly subscription. 

No investments in expensive servers.

No investments in back-up solutions. 



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