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Cookie Policy

To provide the best experience for you while visiting our web shop it might be necessary to save cookies from the website or from external collaborators.


There are two types of cookies those which only are active as long as your browser is open and those who are saved until a informated date.


The cookies which automatically will be deleted after you stop using your browser is called “session cookies”. The cookies there will be saved on your computer is called “persistent cookies” and they will be deleted after the date of expiry.  

How to delete cookies


If you do not want your browser to use cookies you can turn it off in your browser.

Be aware that many websites are reliant on cookies to function, which is why turning it off most likely will limit the function on the web site.

You can also choose to keep using the web site and delete the cookies afterwards.


Depending on the browser you are using the deleting method can differ. We made a list of these methods, which you can see be clicking the links here


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