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It used to be præstø's shoestore, today it is a yarn-paradise with threads all over denmark


In February 2014, the web shop Filato opened. Filato is selling everything within yarn. A lot of stores in this industry are forced to close because of the growing internet use and the fact that a lot of people are buying their yarn online. In May 2014 Filato opened a temporary physical store in Præstø, where they kept their stock.


Going from having a web shop to having a web shop and a physical store is not as demanding as they first thought, says the owner of Filato, Lennart Øster. He also says: “With a web shop you already have a physical location – the stock, which means that the biggest challenge was to find a system that could secure a complete and automatically integration between the two stores, the stock and the financial system. And a system that was fully developed from the supplier, because we do not have the economy and the size to develop our own system.


Filato found the solution at POS ONE. A solution that covers all of their needs. A solution which is running on subscription which is perfect for a new opened store economically. The sale and register systems are paid by a monthly subscription, and Filato has chosen to rent terminal, credit card terminal and barcodes scanners at Dansk Kontor Center to avoid investing in their own equipment. Brian Kock from POS ONE underline that the system is independent of hardware, which is an advantage for the customers who already had their own equipment.


On Præst, they are happy about the new physical store in Adelgade, which before where empty in 18 months.  


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