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Frellsen is replacing their old registers with new sales systems 


Frellsen started as a candy producer and now they also produces gourmet chocolate and coffee - they have proved that change is good and now they are doing it once again by changing the old with the new.


Frellsen is a company that every Dane knows, the company was founded in 1897 and is planning to stay for many years. Most of us knows the company by their great chocolate or delicious coffee, but believe it or not, they have been in a giant change too. Frellsen started as a candy producer back in 1897 and as the surroundings was changing they felt the need to change to. They decided to replace the candy with gourmet chocolate and coffee.


Talking about changes, they are all around us at this moment, and among them we have the digitalization which is happening fast and it is something that most of us knows that we got to keep up with. At POS ONE we know and work a lot with all the possibilities that it has given, which is exactly what Frellsen found out. Therefore, they decided to upgrade their old tills with new sales system from POS ONE.


As mentioned Frellsen is a very old company with a lot of traditions. A lot of Danes are familiar with some of these traditions. Among them, the employees are always dressed in red and you are always met by a big smile, which is something we should never be without. Therefore, the systems they are working with should always be working probably and be easy to manage, which is something that the sales systems from POS ONE can live up to.


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