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KMD reSell payment solution by POSONE

From the 28th of August is it possible for Danish councils to buy POS ONE payment solutions as integration to KMD’s automatically accounting system. POS ONE is a combined hardware-software solution. With this solution you can accept all kinds of payments from the citizens. Whichever payment form chosen it will be registered realtime in the attach billing system. The trade agreement between KMD and POS ONE includes KMD selling POS ONE’s payments solutions and from now on they will be available via KMD’s SKI-agreement.  


Less manuel processes leads to savings

For a long time, we have been looking for a solution which offered the possibility of using state of the art solutions to the councils to facilitate their direct economic transactions with the citizens. This agreement with POS ONE makes that possible.” Tells Lars Hejlemann Vinge, Department Head in KMD.


There is a huge different on how the institutions in the councils receive payment from the citizens. It could be a combination between cash, credit card and mobile pay. No matter what method they are using they all have a lot of manual processes they have to proceed to get the payments integrated in the councils billing system. These processes differ depending on which councils we are talking about, anyhow, analysis and tests has showed us that by implementing the direct integration with POS ONE you can safe 70 % workhours.


Paymentform: Free choice

When a municipal institution uses the payment solution by POS ONE it gives the citizens the possibility to choose themselves how they want to pay, by doing so, they can choose the payment solution best for them. The software-part of POS ONE is cloud-based which means that it will be updated continually with the newest payment solutions.


Common development effort

The trade agreement and the new payment solution is the result of several years of focused work between KMD and POS ONE. As a part of the process the development department of POS ONE has adjusted KMD original payment solution so that it will integrate automatically to KMD’s accounting system. During this process, the solutions has been tested in elected councils and today the solutions are running in several councils, just like it is planned to run an implementation process in more councils soon.  


This cooperation has been a good experience for POS ONE as well: ”We are very proud of the fact that KMD chose to co-work with us regarding the new payment solution. We already did develop integrations for 5-6 of the ERP-system which will be used mainly in the private sector. On top of that, we are very glad that our solution can by integrated in the municipal sectors. Tells Brian Kick, Managing Director of POS ONE.



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