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POS ONE helps us maintain an overview of the colorful animals and patterns from småfolk


Småfolk is one of the great stories about Danish design: Lively and happy collections of clothes for kids, appreciated of kids and grown-ups in Denmark and foreign countries. The first store opened in 2009 and since then the development has been growing very quickly. Today, there are 6 stores which all systemic are connected in the headquarter in Holbæk. 


Jesper Jørgensen was hired in 2015 as the chief of the concept stores. His first assignment was to change the old manual system which were running offline and it did not work with the other systems Smålfolk was using. Jesper had worked with implementing new big POS systems before, which is why he knew what functions they needed to fulfil their needs.


He chose POS ONE mainly because of two things. First, the division of hardware and software which makes it possible to test POSONE’s own software on their own hardware before implementing the complete solution. Second, the employees could import list with new product numbers directly to POS ONE’s backend themselves. This was a demand for them because of their 4 collections every year with thousands of style-numbers. 



After using POS ONE’s system in one year they evaluate the system as a streamlines system of a high quality which at the same time is open and evaluable for the employees in the store and in the headquarter


Jesper says: “Data from the stores is shown on a big dashboard in the headquarter, in this way the employees can always see what’s happening in our stores. The system is also “performer strong,” we have never experienced any kind of break downs. When the internet is down we also loose the system but when the internet is back on everything is working automatically again, and everything is synchronized.”  


Småfolk is expanding why Jesper often talks to the employess at POS ONE, to what he says: “It’s great that I can call or sent an email about any assignment and the answer will always be: We’ll get that done for you” After working with them for a while my experience tells me that they mean it, and it will be fixed – it’s a professional business partner.” Jesper says. 


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