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The council of Aarhus


aArhus is hoping for more mobile payment and automatically accountant. 



Mobile payments to the council of Aarhus makes the administrative work easier

It makes the administrative work in the council much easier and faster when the citizens pay via mobile payment.




The mayor, Jacob Bundsgaard (S) is also supporting the new solutions. 


“This is for sure a success story and a great example on a new digital solution which makes life easier for the citizens and for the employee within the council. We also see a huge potential in extending the mobile payments in other different places in the council. Besides that, we are always on the look-out for new possibilities for implementation new technologies, so we are making sure to make use of the efficiency improvement potential.” He says in a press release.


Thomas Stilling Andersen, finance coordinator in the council of Aarhus. 

“The most important assignment is to help the citizens. In the local recycle-station for example they have in many years used a lot of time printing receipts and on sending paper documentation back and forth – with this new system, that is not necessary anymore. In this way, the employees will have more time to help the citizens. The new IT-system, which today is being used in DOKK1, will be integrated in three different schools in their canteens after the summer vacation.”


Benny Stjernholm, the Chief of the local authorities’ recycling stations in the council of Aarhus.

“The local authorities’ recycling stations, where you will see a huge potential in the system. When the citizens are paying for compost, compost containers etc. with their credit card the workflow is internal hard with 18 different entering into accounts possibilities. Yearly, the recycling stations has 1.4 million visits.”



The chief of KMD Helle Huus, points out that the digitalization can make the every-day work much easier for the citizens and the employees in the different councils.


“The new payment-patterns in the society is developing fast and our cooperation with the council of Aarhus regarding spreading the data integration to the economic system tells us that the digitalizing can help increasing the service for the citizens, and meanwhile the everyday-work for the employees in different institutions will be easier.”  



Today the people living in Aarhus can pay with cash or credit card in approximately 100 municipal places – for example libraries, public swimming pools etc. The council is extending the number of smartphone-payment places using MobilePay and Swipp. A new IT-secure system shall make sure the administration of the mobile-payments is becoming easier. As the first, Aarhus has used another new IT-system which will automatically register all payments in the back-end economy system. 


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