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Why Foods & Cocktails

restautant eliminates error and makes the cloud more efficient

At WHY Food and Cocktails in Roskilde there is a full integration between the online financial program e-conomic and POS ONE sales system, this means that everything is transferred automatically. This eliminate the risks of errors, saves many hours of administrative work and gives a quick overview of the key figures, in this way, the managers can optimize the buys etc.


It means a lot that we have an easy access to all register reports, product buys and general key figures as turnovers, expenses etc. It means, that we can follow the earnings on the stock all the time and optimize on for example purchase.


Nanna Ajslev, co-owner of WHY – Food and Cocktails


SaVes hours on administrative work

With E-conomic all the accounting data is available online 24/7, the owners of WHY and the accountant has access to the key figures and the balance sheet, if only they have access to internet. This also means, that WHY does not have to invest in back-up solutions and they will always have an updated solution. And integration to sales system saves many hours of manual working hours every day.


Instead of transferring the cash register report manual on paper, I can now by one click transfer it all to E-conomic, it saves us a lot of working hours and minimize the risks of making mistakes. At the same time the accountant has free access to the system too, and therefore they can keep up the information continuously.


Nanna Ajslev, Co-owner WHY - Food and Cocktails



At WHY Food and Cocktails in Roskilde you can experience amazing food that mix raw materials from the north with Asians traditional techniques for preparing the food. Cocktails is an integrated part of the concept. 



Integration for register solution saves time.

Permanent monthly low subscription.

No investments in expensive serves.

No investments in back-up solutions. 

Always updated available data online 24/7.

Free access for the accountant.



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